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September 14, 2011

After a gap of nearly two years the blog is back. It will be different from its predecessor and will have a far wider variety of content. The content will be built gradually, dare I say “organically”, organised so that you can easily access posts and pages on the subjects that you want to read about, whenever you need them. The navigation buttons at the top will increase as the content increases.

Some things will stay the same:

  • The blog will focus on internet marketing, or to be more precise it will look at building business online.
  • It is aimed at helping the “little people” (no offence intended), chiefly individuals who are attempting to build an online business single-handed, and small existing offline businesses developing a presence online to boost their results in this difficult economic environment.
  • It will be very practical; nothing high-flown and theoretical;
  • There will be NO hype. No exaggerated promotion of get-rich-quick schemes. No unsubstantiated claims for the latest ‘wonders’ in the software field. No pushing of useless ebooks that merely regurgitate out of date advice that a hundred others have spread around already.
  • There will be modest, moderate and balanced recommendations of products and services that either I have used myself or which come highly recommended by people I trust
  • I will once again issue periodic summaries recommending blog posts by people who I consider to be genuine experts on aspects of doing business on the web; sometimes these may bring together a selection of my recent tweets on twitter.

The differences will include:

  • More frequent posting, and a mixture of substantial written content along with very brief promotional posts or quick comments.
  • More overt commercialism; I don’t apologise for wanting to make money out of this blog, but I’m determined not to do it by pushing useless or third-rate products and services, and if ever I unintentionally do so I hope people will shout up and tell me.
  • More variety of items promoted – software; training; books (yes, the paper kind); services; equipment.
  • More opinionated posts; I had my fingers burned so often in my early years of experimenting on the web (including by some large and well-known companies) that I’ve formed some quite strong, and often scathing, opinions.

Who is it for?

I’ve thought long and hard about this. I’m not trying to teach experienced webmasters and successful bloggers things that they’ve known for years. This is aimed at people like myself, people who have started online, who have possibly made a mistake or two (in my case a lot more), and who may benefit from some plain English input from someone who’s been down the road.

It’s for people who recognise that doing business on the web involves more than the technology of web design. Here you’ll get all kinds of input, on subjects from WordPress themes to Twitter to photography to plain business sense. Oh, and one other thing, it needs to be HONEST. Therefore, as I’ve also written on the “About” page, let me stress this: I am not a “guru”; I still have much to learn and a long way to go myself. I’m simply sharing what I learn as I go along and pointing people to help from others who are a long way ahead of us.

So that’s it. We’re ready for off.

But first, one apology to my UK friends. Yes, I live in England, and I myself buy from and other UK-based suppliers, but this is unashamedly a commercial site and the big market is in North America, so links for physical products will almost always be to sites based in the US, priced in dollars, and not always available on this side of the big pond. Sometimes I’ll manage to include a UK link as well, but I’ll not guarantee it.

One final point for my American friends, though. I’ll be writing in ‘genuine English’ English, so please be tolerant of my unfamiliar spellings.

Bye for now,

– David –

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