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Another Google Change – and it’s not a panda

October 20, 2011

The latest change to Google’s search system is that less information will in future be available about the keywords for which people have searched en route to finding your site. Analytics software, whether Google’s own or any other web traffic monitoring system, will no longer be able to pick up this data for visitors who were signed in to Google when they searched – and for many sites this could be a substantial proportion.

It will therefore in future become even more important for site owners and webmasters to use Google’s Webmaster Tools, as there it will still be possible to see a listing of the top search queries that have driven traffic to their sites over the past 30 days.

No doubt in response to this there will be some cries of panic, as though the entire online edifice was about to crash around our ears, but a more balanced response comes from Patrick Altoft at UK-based Blogstorm:

There isn’t much point worrying about this because there is nothing that anybody can do about it. The SEO industry has lots of challenges to deal with and losing what may turn out to be a small percentage of data won’t make a material difference to campaigns at this stage.
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The author does, however, refer to the early life of a Panda, pointing out that what starts out small can sometimes merely be a precursor to much greater change. So watch this space.

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