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Be careful what you tweet

November 1, 2011

I can’t imagine that most people reading this will need to worry about $500k fines but, appropriately scaled down, this story at Mashable surely contains the germ of a cautionary warning to us all.

Miami Heat owner Micky Arison has been fined $500,000 for venting on Twitter about the NBA lockout.

As I have wandered around the “Twittersphere” in recent months I have often been impressed by the quality of information supplied by people in spite of its having to be compacted into so few characters. At the same time I’ve been appalled at the vituperative irrationality of many people even on technical matters let alone when one moves over into the political sphere.

Common courtesy should rule regardless of risk, but there can also be business and financial consequences if we stray beyond acceptable limits. It may not cost us half a million but we can lose customers, both actual and potential, if our style and content are not kept within bounds.

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