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Blogging That Adds Value

September 16, 2011

A day or two ago I came across a post on “Jim’s Marketing Blog” by Jim Connolly. It so resonated with what I’ve been thinking about recently in connection with the relaunch of the blog that I thought I’d put it up here.

“Almost every business focuses on working in a predictable way. They stick within the confines of what their competitors do, because they believe that there is almost a guarantee that if they do, they will at least get a slice of the pie, even if it’s a small slice. This is why so many businesses offer such a similar range of services to their competitors and end up attracting average clients, who pay them average fees.” [Jim Connolly]

Jim is probably talking here with an emphasis on “bricks and mortar” businesses, but it applies universally. So many people deliver just more of the same, and all too often it is more of the same poor stuff.

That’s what I have to bear in mind here on I’m not trying to reinvent the internet and come up with startling new insights. I’m going to be dealing quite often with “bread and butter” topics. However, I trust that my combination of approaches and variety of posts will indeed add something useful, that is, “add value”. Time will tell, but that’s the aim.

What about your site or blog? Think about it.

– David Murray –


Before I go, I’m often surprised at the people who haven’t yet read this mind-changing book by Seth Godin. It was first published in 1999. It is still dynamite.

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