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Is Long-Tail Search Dead?

December 1, 2011

Over the past year I have oscillated between thinking well of Google and very much the opposite. On the positive side of the equation is the new Google+ social site which I’ve been using since the by-invitation beta phase and find greatly superior to Facebook. I’m using it more and more. On the negative side is what they’ve been doing to search which, despite all their claims of promoting ‘quality’, is being adjusted rapidly toward the interests of big business and other well-funded sites – and of Google themselves.

For the main keyword on one of my older and well-developed sites only one result appears “above the fold” on my screen apart from sponsored ads, and that one is a UK government body. Clearly then I must target much less used keywords and phrases. Yes, that’s right, but what has Google done to long-tail search? Below, courtesy of SEO Book, is their answer to that question in the form of an Infographic.

Google Longtail Keywords.

Infographic by SEO Book

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