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Oh for some courtesy on the Web!

July 23, 2012

This site,, stands for honesty and integrity on the Web. It also stands for common courtesy.

This evening I was scouring the web for some good quality article sites that I’d not previously used. I have a new project coming up and wanted to put together a smallish group of top quality sites, preferably different from those I’ve used before on other projects.

I found a link to an article on a site that I didn’t recall seeing before, and clicked on it. Imagine my surprise when what I got in return was:

“This site uses security measures to help combat hacking!
Your details have been logged and will be sent to the appropriate authorities.”

I’m not going to name the site – at least not yet until I see what kind of response I get (if any) to my message sent via their contact form. This is what I wrote:

Dear Sirs,

I have just been insulted by your site.

I was searching for some new article sites to add to a fresh project and found a link to an article on

On clicking it I was faced with a red text warning accusing me of being a hacker. I profoundly object to this accusation which is totally unjustified and seriously abusive.

Under most advanced countries’ privacy and information freedom legislation I believe that I am entitled to know to which “authorities” you have reported me, along with the nature of the accusation and the evidence.

I am treating this matter extremely seriously as it amounts to slander against my good name, and look forward to hearing from you promptly in reply.

You may be interested in the article about this incident that I posted on my site a few minutes ago.

Yours, yet again disappointed at discourtesy on the Web,

– David Murray –
Cumbria, England.

I wonder whether I can realistically expect a reply.

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