About Admastery.biz – and Legal Stuff

David MurrayThis page is designed to identify myself, David Murray, as the owner and webmaster of AdMastery.biz and to cover as briefly and plainly as possible some things that I believe I am legally required to say.

For an outline of the nature and purpose of AdMastery.biz, why I’m here and what I’m attempting to do on the site, click here for the Launch-Day post. But let me stress this: I am not a “guru”; I still have much to learn and a long way to go myself. I’m simply sharing what I learn as I go along.

Users of the site need to be aware that in many cases where links are provided to offers for sale by third parties I receive commissions on any purchases made. This is not always the case. I do promote products and services from time to time without any financial interest. It is best, however, for you to assume that I do have an interest, and you should always apply your own due diligence when making a purchase.

When I recommend products or services I seek always to be fair and honest in my descriptions and do not deliberately inflate recommendations. I never, for example, take payment for writing a review. I earn commission only on actual sales. Again, you should always apply your own due diligence.

I do not gather data on site visitors beyond basic statistics gathered by Google Analytics which I use to monitor site usage – number of visitors, number of pages viewed, percentage of repeat visits, etc. – without being able to identify individuals.

When visitors click on commercial links and leave this site those third party organisations may, however, gather visitor data in other ways and if concerned you should check their declarations about this. When purchases are made I can see what has been bought, and for how much, but I cannot see who has made the purchase or how; that is entirely a matter between purchaser and vendor.

Updated: 13th September 2011

I am based in the Eden Valley, Cumbria, very close to the English Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales which are two of the four national parks in the North of England. For more on this area see one of my other sites, Around-England.


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