Anyone who checks back will see that I have not written anything here for some time. I’ve been too busy working on my 2013 strategy in my main priority market niches.

The “Internet Marketing” (IM) niche has never been a major emphasis for me, and I’ve decide that for the moment I’ll back-pedal it even further. I’ve been uncomfortable with it for a long time.

At some point I will probably re-emerge into this field. That will, however, only be when I’ve found enough time and commitment to map out a way forward that enables me to help people without sucking them into the whirlpool of IM promotional emails.

I’ve tired of the networks of self-proclaimed experts all selling one another’s “products” on the basis that the world is changing and that without the latest gizmo your business is going to die. Hyped up ebooks, often poorly written and thin in content, with software full of glitches and inadequately supported and/or maintained, are not for me. I’ve bought too much rubbish myself and do not want to introduce people to that downwardly spiraling merrygoround.

Sorry folks, but I’ve had enough of that. I’d rather do honest business in very different markets.

I do know and will continue to follow the activities of a few IM people who try to keep clear of all that, but sadly even some who succeed in doing so for quite a while eventually get drawn into that potentially lucrative vortex.

Eventually I may return but for the time being I’ll just display here a few carefully selected products and services that I’ve been using myself.

Bye for now.

– David Murray –

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