The first of today’s news items for small business on the web comes from the Houston Chronicle and contains basic but often forgotten advice:

Small business Q&A: Keep website simple

“A basic rule of website design is to keep it simple. Make it easy for people to find and navigate your site. Pick an easy-to-remember web address. Think about the keywords people would use to search for you and make sure your website is search engine optimization-friendly. Your goal is to have your website come up on the first page of search results. Then, when prospective customers click on your site, your next goal is to catch their attention quickly …”

Next some Facebook news. Opinions on business use of Facebook varies enormously. For myself I can’t quite make up my mind. Maybe I’ve not been sufficiently committed to my Facebook pages (we haven’t yet developed the one for but do have others) but up to now I’ve not seen much benefit from them in terms of generating site visitors. Twitter and Tumblr have done far better. However, here’s an update on Facebook’s small business pages.  See what you make of it. I’ll be looking closely at it too.

Facebook Renovates Its Small Business Site

“In an effort to better serve its growing small business clientele, Facebook has revamped its Facebook for Business website. The social network announced the changes, which will provide more in-depth tips and tutorials for smaller and midsized … AllFacebook”

 That’s it for now. Back again soon.

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