Search Engine Ethics – The Online High Street Under Continuing Attack

3 December 2011

Google search people decided some time ago that retailing online is a bad thing and made it more difficult for sites with many product sales pages to get seen. Affiliate marketing is undesirable in their eyes and pages with affiliate links can get marked down. Prominent positioning of ads above the fold is also in […]

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Is Long-Tail Search Dead?

1 December 2011

Over the past year I have oscillated between thinking well of Google and very much the opposite. On the positive side of the equation is the new Google+ social site which I’ve been using since the by-invitation beta phase and find greatly superior to Facebook. I’m using it more and more. On the negative side […]

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Customer Service – The Heart of Business

30 November 2011

Recently I’ve been reminded several times of the vital importance of customer service in building a sustainable business. Forty years ago, as an under-30 with a shiny new business qualification but no experience, I was given the unbelievable opportunity of working as an assistant to the recently appointed Deputy-CEO of a major consumer products company. […]

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Selectively Tweaking Your WordPress Sidebars

22 November 2011

Have you ever had a widget that you wanted to display in a sidebar … but only on one specific page? I certainly have. I’ve frequently wished that I could make sidebar changes, maybe to just one or two widgets, according to what is in the main page content. There is, of course, the option […]

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A Remarkable Tool for Managing Your Twitter Accounts

19 November 2011

I have today added a new extension into my Google Chrome browser. That in itself is quite a remarkable thing as I very rarely use Chrome. It sits there on my desktop chiefly so I can include it in multi-browser tests of my own pages. My preference by far is for Firefox (even if they […]

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Are You Using WebMaster Tools?

17 November 2011

I came across this video today. It is from Take a look also at their other materials. (This is not an affiliate link, just a helpful link to something I feel will benefit some of our readers here). This video explains just one aspect of Google WebMaster Tools. No small-business web site owner can […]

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Massive Growth of the Internet Economy

7 November 2011

Those of us who spend a sizeable proportion, or even all, of our business lives online do so because we are convinced that this is where the action is. What’s more, we want a part of it. But how big is it really? Is it still possible to suggest that online business, especially retail, is […]

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Up to date with your Godin?

5 November 2011

Permission, conformity, compliance, plain boring uniformity? Is that the pattern of working life? Well, in some areas a definite routine is essential. I’d not like to fly the Atlantic wondering whether the big bird carrying me had been maintained by engineers each of whom “did their own thing”. But in so many areas of business […]

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Be careful what you tweet

1 November 2011

I can’t imagine that most people reading this will need to worry about $500k fines but, appropriately scaled down, this story at Mashable surely contains the germ of a cautionary warning to us all. Miami Heat owner Micky Arison has been fined $500,000 for venting on Twitter about the NBA lockout. As I have wandered […]

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Aids to Effective Twittering

25 October 2011

There is no shortage of blog posts on the subject of Twitter tools. Indeed the development of tools using the Twitter API has become so popular that there are literally hundreds of new offerings every week. This morning, however, in among all the “OK but not special” posts arriving on my reader I came across […]

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