below the fold

Thankfully my main sites have not been hit hard by the various Google algorithm changes over recent months. (But that’s no cause for complacency; I could be next!) Several of my smaller sites have, however, been virtually destroyed. Traffic is down to almost nothing in spite of being well-constructed and personally written on subjects that I know a lot about; in other words, exactly what Google say they want to see. Ha! Ha!

Many have suffered far more than myself, and not only the bulk-generators of trash sites but online businesses built up painstakingly with integrity over years. I suppose the mighty-G considers the destruction of honest businesses as merely collateral damage in their war against what they consider to be money-making “spam” [Interpretation: anyone who designs a web site to make money – as though they themselves went into the office every morning without expecting to be paid!] I’ve fought for a long time to suppress a growing hatred of Google, but it’s becoming very hard to keep it down. They need a serious overhaul of their corporate ethics.

Pushed Below The Fold

This morning, though, I’m equally irritated at what they’re continuing to do even to successfully ranking keywords. One of my best sites has been struggling for traffic recently even though it has several important keywords on page 1. Take the example of one that currently ranks at number 4. Who are the occupants [note the plural] of positions 1 to 3? Well, the answer isn’t in the plural, it’s singular. Every one of those top three slots is taken by … Amazon!

So by the time you’ve allowed for the paid spam (my definition, not Google’s) at the top of the page, followed by three slots given to the same big company, my number 4 ranking is pushed below the fold. By long hard work I’ve managed to get ahead of what I’ve always considered to be my “real” competition, but what’s the point of all the effort? What hope have I of ever beating the combination of Big-G and Big-A?

Clearly it’s time to rethink, and two approaches recommend themselves to me:

  • Put increased effort into getting direct non-search traffic
  • For search traffic find and focus on keywords that don’t appear to interest Amazon

Will it work? I don’t know but some response to the depredations of the immoral uncaring self-focused G-monster has to be found. Google is so big that it’s almost impossible to do without it, but I’ll certainly be minimising my exposure. One thing I SHALL NOT be doing is paying them any money for Adwords. That really would be surrender. I’m planning to go battling on.

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