WordPress 3.3

December 13, 2011

WordPress 3.3 was released yesterday and includes some useful enhancements. I just now updated one of my blogs and at least up to this point I’ve found no incompatibilities with any of my theme or plugin additions. After that first test on a less important blog I updated here and equally have found no problem.

Details of the update are available from the WordPress site, and it’s a long list. To me, so far, the main highlight is the new media drag-and-drop facility for uploading photos, videos, graphics, etc.; in fact you can upload several simultaneously.

Another improvement is the lefthand navigation sidebar, Where previously you had to click on a link to get a vertically expanded menu, now you simply hover and get a popup menu.

Not only as blogging software but in my opinion as a general content management platform WordPress, especially when combined with the Thesis theme, continues to stand out as the user-friendly option.

Once again, here is the link for the list of enhancements.

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