Article spinning. The title here should most certainly not be interpreted as my saying that I don’t “spin” articles. I do! Some years back, though, I tried several spinners to produce new variants of existing articles and was always dissatisfied with the output. Since then I’ve always written my article then rewritten it in “spyntax” by hand.

Using this method I consistently get meaningful output. Yes, it takes a little longer. In fact at first it used to take a lot longer, but with practice became quite easy. The search engines like to see unique content and they’ve never grumbled at my work.

This evening, however, I decide to look again at current spinners and to see whether they have improved. One was an obvious no-no; the web site seemed to date from Noah’s day. The next triggered a severe threat warning from my protection software. The third looked more reputable, offered a free trial and what I felt was a realistic but not too suspiciously low cost if I liked it. So on I went.

My original paragraph: “The rise of mass tourism and the development of the railway network both happened in the late 19th century. In some areas it was the former that facilitated the latter but in the case of the Lake District it was the other way round.”

Granted these were not the easiest sentences in the world but I wanted the test to be realistic. Here were three outputs:

Spin 1. “The rise regarding muscle size tourist plus the development of the railway multilevel the two occurred in the late nineteenth one hundred year. In a few locations it was your past that triggerred your second item yet in the matter of your Body of water Area it was the opposite approach spherical.”

Spin 2. “The actual go up associated with bulk tourism plus the growth with the railway network the two happened inside overdue nineteenth century. In some places it had been your ex – which caused your second item however in the matter of your Pond Region it had been the other means rounded.”

Spin 3. “The particular rise regarding size vacation as well as the improvement in the train community equally happened inside the late 19th hundred years. In a few areas it turned out your ex – that triggerred your latter nevertheless in the case of your River District it turned out the other method circular.”

Maybe I’m giving up too easily, but I’m returning to my hand spinning!

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