It was announced yesterday that “Posterous is joing the flock at Twitter”. Should I be pleased? Should I be uneasy? Or should I be downright worried?

My own use of the two services has clearly separated them into very different categories, in three respects:

  • Message Size: In my language here at, Twitter is a “micro-blog” and Posterous is a “midi-blog”. The 140-character limitation of Twitter is for the punchy message whereas Posterous allows longer, more blog-like length.
  • Headline: Posterous allows a headline, Twitter does not
  • Hub Distribution: Twitter is on the receiving end of social hub distribution (in my case usually from – which is also under a cloud of uncertainty at present) whereas Posterous acts as a distribution hub.

It is important that these distinctives be maintained.

This needs watching closely. The social distribution strategy of many small-scale online operators is geared strongly to the present mix of characteristics.

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